RCYSL Schedules

2014 Spring Schedules

Rescheduled Rec Games


Games scheduled for 4/05/14 have been moved to 5/31/14


Games scheduled for 4/05/14 have been moved to 5/17/14

Games scheduled for 4/07/14 have been moved to 5/19/14

Games scheduled for 4/08/14 have been moved to 5/20/14

Games scheduled for 4/28/14 have been moved to 5/22/14

Games scheduled for 4/29/14 have been moved to 5/27/14

All games are at the same time and same fields as originally scheduled

U06 Boys Teams
U06 Girls Teams
U08 Boys Teams
U08 Girls Teams
U10 Boys Teams
U10 Girls Teams
U12 Boys Teams
U12 Girls Teams

Playing Seasons

The Rapid City Youth Soccer League has four playing seasons for its players:

  • Fall – The start of the soccer year begins in late August and ends in mid October
  • Winter Indoor – Intense, very fast play indoors from November to mid December
  • Winter Tournaments – Several indoor tournaments held from December through March
  • Spring – Begins in March and ends with the State Tournament in early June